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If you have decided to become sexually active, the BEST way to avoid contracting STIs is by using a condom; other forms of contraception can be used to protect against an unwanted pregnancy… so to protect yourself as far as possible, you need to use BOTH condoms and another method of contraception!!

There are various forms of contraception available and it is up to you to decide what method best suits you. All contraception is FREE of charge on the NHS and is available from many places in Kirklees.

To help you think about your choices, information regarding the various methods can be found below. Alternatively, you can collect your FREE contraception as well as get CONFIDENTIAL advice and information from the following services:

  • Your GP
  • Family Planning Clinic
  • CaSH Clinic
  • Young People’s Services
Please click here and enter your post code to view the services nearest to you. (Please note: Post Codes are not recorded for any purpose but are only required to find services local to you)

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