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Saturday, July 28, 2018


What is it?

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in young men and women, and you don’t need to have had lots of sexual partners to be at risk of having it. About 1 in 10 young people who test for Chlamydia have been found to have it.

What are the Symptoms / Causes?

Chlamydia does not often have symptoms, and if left untreated Chlamydia can cause serious health complications for women such as ectopic pregnancy, infertility, pain, and unusual discharge; and for men, irritation when passing urine, testicular pain and unusual discharge

How do I get tested?

There are many places across Kirklees that do free and confidential Chlamydia Screening for young people (e.g. colleges, some schools, youth centres as well as Young People’s Drop-ins and Health Clinics). You can talk to someone in confidence and give your urine sample there and then.

You can also get a FREE Chlamydia Test by completing the Postal Request Form. The postal screening kit allows you to do your urine sample in the privacy of your own home. If you live in Huddersfield and South Kirklees, text “Chlasp” followed by your name and full address to 81025 to request a postal screening kit. If you live in North Kirklees (areas like Mirfield, Dewsbury, Batley, Heckmondwike and Cleckheaton) text “bclear” followed by your name and address to 80010.

You will be sent a pack in a white envelope containing a urine sample request form, urine sample pot, and an information leaflet explaining exactly what to do next! You provide your urine sample, complete the form, and send it back, free of charge, in the envelope provided.

How do I get my Results?

The Chlamydia Screening Office will contact everyone who has given a urine sample within 2 weeks of the sample being taken. You can choose how you are contacted, whether result is negative or positive, by phone, text or letter (so please make sure you put your most up to date details on the sample form!)

Your test is confidential so we will not discuss your result with anyone unless you specifically request that we do so.

What happens if I have Chlamydia?

A member of the Chlamydia Screening Programme will arrange a convenient time and place to meet you for treatment. Treatment is free, and is simple to take… it’s just four antibiotic tablets taken all at once.

You may be at risk of becoming re-infected with Chlamydia after your treatment if you have sexual intercourse with an untreated partner. So to prevent this, we ask that you do not have sexual intercourse for at least 7 days after both you and your partner have both received treatment.

What about my Partner?

Telling partners and ex partners that you have Chlamydia is a responsible thing to do. Chlamydia is infectious, so it is likely that if you have been told you have Chlamydia then anyone you have had sex with recently may have the infection too.

We understand it can be difficult to talk about having Chlamydia to a partner, so staff at the screening office can help you find ways to tell your partner. The Chlamydia Screening Programme will then be able to arrange for your partner to be screened for Chlamydia. They can screen and treat your partner at the same time they treat you if you like, so bring them along if you are invited for treatment.


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